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 Roleplaying Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplaying Rules   Roleplaying Rules Icon_minitimeSun Aug 17, 2014 1:11 am

Below are the rules and guidelines you must follow on the grounds of roleplaying:

1.) You get one starter Pokémon for free, and the rest you must capture. You may pick any first-evolution or no-evolution Pokémon within reason. No legendary or fossil starters.

2.) While you can choose your own starter, the forum's canon revolves around starters being chosen at random by their trainers. This is to develop a bond with your starter beyond how cool it is. Play with this idea. Give your character a Pokémon out of his or her comfort zone, or one they dislike, etcetera. This is not mandatory, of course, but I am just trying to plant some ideas if you're willing to provide fertilizer.

3.) There are no specific guidelines on roleplaying post length. That being said, one liners often irritate other members. Make an attempt to lengthen extremely short posts, and only post these if there is nothing else to do.

4.) Pokémon are allowed a personality, and also are allowed a basic cognitive skill that is higher than normal animals. These creatures can decipher words enough to follow commands, after all. That being said, they aren't super geniuses unless they were meant to be. Also, none of them say their own name; that is dumb.

5.) Pokémon can die, but this forum is not particularly dark. It is the opposite: it is relaxing. Killing Pokémon should be used for plot points and necessary moments. Do not kill another person's Pokémon unless you gain their permission and a staff member's permission.

6.) While grinding, you are always in danger of your Pokémon fainting. Pokémon HP is always carried over from battle to battle while grinding, as the Pokémon do not magically heal themselves in between battles. In PBA, you can only do 20 consecutive encountersbefore you have to flee to the Pokémon Center. Do this by posting in the Quick Heal topic of the nearest Pokémon Center. Though they are on many a time, the penalty in this is waiting for the staff to heal your Pokémon.

7.) Be mindful of your limitations as a human being. Don't go to a place unless you let the reader know how. Do not godmod to a place either. There is a way to get to every island, and discovering this is half the battle.

8.) The Battling System is optional for Trainer and Wild battles. This being said, trainer battles that do not use the battling system are not included in official stats. Grinding with the battle system is not encouraged. Learn more in the topic detailing how to grind and capture.

9.) You must keep a W-L rating for each of your characters. If your rating is high, you may receive a handsome reward in Poké that you can use to upgrade your team, so keep battling. You are required to give a W-L rating to a staff member at any time they ask, or you will receive penalties.

10.) You may not battle a wild Pokémon that is larger in level than all of your own Pokémon. If you have one or more Pokémon over/the same level of the wild Pokémon, you may only use them. This is covered more thoroughly in the Grinding and Capture topic.

11.) All battles must end with a Poké reward, unless both parties decide against it. You negotiate a winner's reward before the battle begins.
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Roleplaying Rules
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