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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Basic Rules Icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 10:37 pm

The basic rules are below. These are rules pertaining to member conduct and off-topic requirements.

1.) No treating members wrongly or unfairly. Flaming, trolling, or anything of the sorts is frowned upon. If a member is being unorderly or rude, contact the staff, and they will deal with this member.

2) If you are against what a staff member or enacting or doing with their power, please contact them. Do not form a coalition or go overboard, please. We will try to make you happy if you are unhappy.

3.) Do not spam or post for the sake of a post count. That being said, staying active with quality, fun topics is supported.

4.) You are encouraged to use the chatbox if there are people on you'd like to talk with. If no one is on the chatbox, that may be because they see no one, so change that.

5.) There is no censorship on this site outside of RP, but try not to curse in the game. There is no real reason to, less of a reason than in real life.

6.) Do not join unless you are willing to commit to roleplaying on the site. We as staff members hold the right to delete your character from the world when you go inactive, and even your account as a whole.

7.) If administration becomes inactive, the operation of topics such as "Quick Heal" and markets are free to be handed to regular members, or abolished for more favorable means if favorable means exist. This is to no longer be the case if administration returns, and they will go by whichever rules they favor.

8.) Administration upholds the rights to add rules, edit rules, and delete rules as they see fit through the site's life and onwards.

9.) In the case of administrative absence but moderator activity, moderators are to be the temporary administrators. Under this temporary administration, they are allowed to make rules and changes as they see fit. They must revoke this temporary administration if the absent administration returns.
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Basic Rules
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