An academy for the most promising Pokémon trainers. Explore an archipelago of tropical islands and hone your battling skills at our school.
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PostSubject: Academy Staff   Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:42 pm

Teacher characters, with permission from staff, are playable by members.

Name: Lance Wataru
Age: 35
Job: Owner
Achievements: Kanto League Elite Four / 24th and 28th Johto League Champion

Name: Andrew Jasper
Age: 33
Job: Principal
Achievements: 71st and 72nd World Tourney Winner / 25th Johto League Champion

Name: Bartholomew Overley
Age: 62
Job: Sparring teacher
Achievements: 46th World Tourney Winner

Name: Georgia Winters
Age: 45
Job: Sparring teacher
Achievements: 66th World Tourney Winner / Former lead trainer in 7 different gyms

Name: Alan Spearman
Age: 50
Job: Strategics teacher
Achievements: 58th World Tourney Winner / Creator of the Rain Team

Name: Nicholas Vernon
Age: 31
Job: Strategics teacher
Achievements: 14th Kalos Champion / 3rd winningest trainer on the planet

Name: Matthew Briggs
Age: 39
Job: History teacher
Achievements: Discovered the Third Ruins of Arceus in Unova, wrote about it in a bestselling novel.

Name: Katherine Peters
Age: 37
Job: History teacher
Achievements: Lead writer of half a dozen history textbooks, Founder of the Hoenn History Museum in Lillycove City

Name: Jasmine Mikan
Age: 19
Job: Gym Leading / League teacher
Achievements: 82nd World Tourney Winner / Former Olivine City Gym Leader

Name: Rebecca Darwin
Age: 35
Job: Items / Discovery teacher
Achievements: 35th ever Pokédex Completionist / Last person to encounter Arceus / Life Orb pioneer

Name: Steve Iverson
Age: 46
Job: Photography / Rangering teacher
Achievements: Last person to encounter/take a picture of Mew / 3x World Ranger Award winner

Name: Claire Suder
Age: 43
Job: Moveset / Coordinating teacher
Achievements: 21st World Contest and 23rd World Contest winner

Name: Heather Gornfield
Age: 28
Job: Legends teacher
Achievements: World expert of Kyurem

Name: Gustavo Yoen
Age: 29
Job: Music teacher
Achievements: Youngest Kricketune Award winner

Name: Darin Front
Age: 41
Job: Pokéatheletics teacher
Achievements: 8x Pokéolympics Gold medalist

Name: Sean Silver
Age: 30
Job: Breeding teacher
Achievements: 3x Breeder of the Year award winner / Owner of Unova's greatest IV farm

Name: Jean Corber
Age: 27
Job: Culinary teacher
Achievements: Former lead chef at Kalos' best restaurant, La Rosa de Kalos.

Name: Carmen Smith
Age: 53
Job: Biology teacher
Achievements: Pioneer studier of Luvdisc migration patterns, Discoverer of Barbacle
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Academy Staff
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