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 Beata Academy - a different sort of school roleplay

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PostSubject: Beata Academy - a different sort of school roleplay   Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:09 pm

Can you thrive in this new world?

There exists a school, the only one of its kind, that caters to children with supernatural powers. It allows these children, aged 13-18, to explore and develop their rare gift while remaining protected from the outside world and its dangers.

The year is 2034, and it has become highly regarded among gifted communities. Up until recently, everything seemed peaceful. However, the school has a bloody history that is only talked about in whispers, and it has enemies. The academy is no longer safe as it once was after a betrayal that left one dead and three critically injured, and talk of attacks on its sister schools across the globe. Mysterious monsters are appearing all around the world, and people are dying.

Yet more and more students are arriving every day, most oblivious to the peril. People seem to be going about their business, and there are even rumors of a Fall Festival coming up. But the signs are there, and it's only a matter of time before Beata's enemies make their move.

Will you survive?
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Beata Academy - a different sort of school roleplay
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